Why Do I Blink?

What the meaning of your blinking to me?

Your eyes make tears all the time. Not only when you cry. Blinking spreads the tears across your eyes and stop them from drying out and getting sore.

Eyelashes help to stop things like dust and grit getting into your eyes.
A blink lasts for about one-third of a second. You do it thousand of times a day.
The black hole in the middle of the eye is called the pupil.
The iris is the colored part of your eye. It works rather like curtains on a window-when it's too dark to see, the iris opens to let it more light. When the light is too bright, the iris tighttens uo to protect the eye.
Jelly-like stuff in your eyeball keeps it in shape, like air in a balloon.

source: Brigid Avison (I Wonder Why)

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