What is inside my head?

The most exciting and important part of your body is hidden inside your head, beneath your hair, your skin and your hard skull bone. it is your brain.

Your brain is the part of you that thinks and remembers. it also makes sure the rest of your body is doing what it should !

  • people's brains come in different sizes. But bigger brains don't make people more clever - any more than having big feet make them better runners!
  • your brain has two sides. The right side of your brain looks after the left side of your body, while the left side looks after the right  side of your body.
  • Nerves tell your body what's happening to it - like whether water feels too hot or too cold.
  • Message travel very fast along your nerves. The quickest go as fast as 400km/h.
  • Your nerves start in your brain, then travel in a thick bundle down your back (inside your backbone). From there they branch out to every part of your body.


  • beneath: di bawah
  • exciting: menarik
  • skull: tengkorak
  • nerves: saraf
  • thick: tebal
  • branch out: bercabang.

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