Sometimes, I hate what I've been loving

Sky ...
Could You Stop Cryin'?
Rain ...
Would you Stop Fallin'?

I can't let you stop.
Because ...

I still wanna see how beauty the drizzle are.
Even though those are poisonous.

Believe or not, rain can make us feel something strange as if it bring us to the past time. Rain also makes us not only calm but also cry. Why I say so? It's because when you feel how cool the rain is, how calm it is, together with those conditions,your imagination back to the past.

I don't know why it is happen?
When that kind of water falling from the sky, the whole condition feel also change.
Sometimes, the feeling of loneliness coming, we start day dreaming, until crying without excusing.

When the rain falling, we are use to thinking about something mellow,to feel weak and sad. And I hate those kinda feeling. But, once again I said that we still can't avoid those feeling. Those come naturally and can't be avoid.

The question is what was contained by the rain so that we feel those of feeling?

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3 Responses to "Sometimes, I hate what I've been loving"

  1. waduh, kalau ingat hujan memang bikin kita jadi melow gimana gitu yah, biar ga melow tidur aja deh kayanya pas hujan,hehhe...*gubrak!

    n jangan lupa berdoa, bukankah itu waktu mustajabnya berdoa?

  2. oia, masalah link segera kk pasang ya, soalnya inet dirumah kk rada bermasalh nih, kayanya harus ke warnet ni buat pasang linknya ayu*lebay...

  3. @kak Nova: hahhaha, mulai lagi deh.


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